36 inspirational quotes to help you through a shitty break up


These inspiring break up quotes will help you through any break up or end of a relationship. They're positive and feminist AF.


  1. Posted by TheUwUTrash, — Reply

    I relate to this so much. I usually say this becaus I'm an actor but the only reason I truly know I'm good at acting is because I've been pretending to be happy for a while now and everyone has believed me.

  2. Posted by igpay3, — Reply

    Actually my pastor noticed. She asked me one night "who hurt you? What happened to you? You've changed so much". I thought I was just becoming introverted but I turned out to be broken. I've come a long way though all because of Jesus

  3. Posted by SpanishPasta, — Reply

    The only person why knew i wasn’t okay during my mental breakdown was my bff..I don’t really know what i would’ve done if i didn’t have her..

  4. Posted by alexiaolsenn, — Reply

    Because the reality of the situation is that most people do not care about each other. most people are not worth your time or conversation and you just have to accept that.

  5. Posted by sara374375, — Reply

    If anyone wants to talk, I have a group board called group therapy. Request to join and I’ll accept it. You’ll be added into a group chat and in there you can ask for advice and help and give it back to others as well!

  6. Posted by ihuffstutler, — Reply

    Wow... One time my friend texted differently than how they normally do and I asked them what was wrong, and something was wrong but when I don't text back for day when I usually text back right away none of them ask... I need new friends

  7. Posted by bu7mod11, — Reply

    You know when your mom asks you what’s wrong and then you say that you are fine because you don’t want to tell the person that gave you life you don’t want to live anymore cuz I know 🖤

  8. Posted by Bella17248, — Reply

    Once someone thought they really hurt me mentally and when it didn’t seem to have an effect on me they asked and I didn’t know how to answer so I just said “It’s just like what my mind says” they didn’t bully me after that.

  9. Posted by etranandreas, — Reply

    I haven't been myself for years. And no one bothers to ask. But hey. I don't need them to. Because they need to save their breathe for when I ask them what's wrong.

  10. Posted by calypso_daughter_of_Atlas, — Reply

    Hello guys! I am Calypso. If you want to tell someone about your problems or feelings, I will be here to help you! Only write me

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